Ayotree Custom Integration Services

Ayotree has the ability to add 3rd party services to its system.

Custom Email and Custom Domain Service Description 

A custom email/domain is where you can add an extra email/domain of your choice to your ayotree.site, which is part of the software. By setting up a custom email/domain you can replace the default Ayotree domain with your own email/domain.

Custom Domain Service  

Domain Example

Default Domain     yourschoolname.ayotree.com

Custom Domain    yourschoolname.com

By default, Ayotree provides a unique domain for your school to login (includes .ayotree.com in the domain).

Custom Domain Benefits

-Ayotree.com is removed from your URL.

Custom Email Service

Email Example

Default Email         noreply@ayotree.com

Custom Email        name@yourschoolname.com

Ayotree automates your email communication. For example, once a student enrolls in your school, Ayotree will automatically send an enrollment confirmation email to the student.

When the student receives the email, it will come from Ayotree’s email system. The “from” address will show “noreply@ayotree.com”.

You can change the “from” address to show your own email with the custom email service.

Custom Email Benefits

-Students will recognize the your school’s email

-Students can reply to the automated emails and your school has the ability to receive them.

Customized Payment Integrations

Ayotree currently have 4 payment gateway systems available free of charge.

Free payment Integrations
Paypal, Stripe, WeChat, and Alibaba

If you would like to connect Ayotree to your specific payment system, our team can help you with Ayotree’s custom payment integration service.

Customized Virtual Classroom Integrations  

Ayotree currently has three virtual classrooms available free of charge  below:

-Ayotree Whiteboard

-BBB (BigBlueButton) Whiteboard

-Zoom (Free Version)

Free 3rd Party Virtual Classroom Integrations

Ayotree also provides two 3rd party virtual classroom integrations for free:

-Zoom Pro Version


 If you would like to connect Ayotree to your specific virtual classroom software that is not on our free list, our team can help you with Ayotree’s customized virtual classroom integration service.


One-time setup fee for all customized services

Custom Domain $250

Custom Email     $250

Custom Payment System $250

Custom Virtual Classroom Integration $250

Generally, depending on the complexity of the service,  it will take the Ayotree’s development team 3 to 10 business days to complete the service.

Contact support@ayotree.com for inquiries.